Rock and Pop Icons on Tour

An Amazing 2 and a Half Hour Must See Show

Introducing The Tour Team

Pete McCall as Rod Stewart

Tonight he’s yours, Pete McCall is Rod Stewart live at all venues across the UK. The consummate professional whose vocal ability and attention to detail shine through in every way, from the opening number through to the last Rod Stewart song of the set. Pete’s voice is without doubt the closest to the great man’s that there is. The rasp is natural (no shouting here) and the moves are textbook Rod.

Paul Stone as Billy Idol

AchievementFor over 20 years since being on stars in their eyes Paul has been travelling and doing the Billy Idol Tribute and 80´s show across the uk, Spain and the Canary Islands having been based in the canaries also for a number of years he has achieved may awards and goals such as.. 

Being named number 1 Tribute show in the canary islands in ´96, ´98, and again in 2008, also in  won the Entertainers Entertainer  and Acheivement award in 2013

Enzo as Bruce Springsteen

"When ENZO began researching the history of the legend of Bruce Springsteen it soon became apparent that this was going to be a passion that would take over his every spare moment and ensured that there was no bigger fan than... ENZO himself. 

The result is this Amazing and heartfelt tribute to Bruce Springsteen with a 6 metre on screen projection and full lighting show ensuring that you will feel like you have just been to the Concert of the man himself".

Enzo as Bryan Adams

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